Landscape Maintenance Services

Here at Frederico Landscape Management we know that your yard or property is important to you but perhaps not at the top of your priority list. Let us take care of it for you! We have experienced professionals in lawn care, fertilization, sprinkler irrigation and repair, and other aspects of maintenance necessary to take care of your property. 

Our Process

Always Focused on Quality

We'll get those pesky weeds!


Nothin' like freshly cut grass...


Running through the sprinklers is my favorite childhood activity


Upon taking over a new residential or commercial maintenance account, we will most likely begin with an initial clean up to get the property in tip-top shape.


This is also part of our annual contract as a Spring cleanup and a Fall cleanup.


During this time our crews spend additional time cleaning shrub beds, pruning, removing debris, and getting the property ready for the season after being in winter.

Each service contract will include weekly maintenance for your property.


During this visit, the crews will perform a variety of services, depending on what is needed.


Certainly, most weeks will include cutting the turf, removing the clippings, and edging.


Most weeks will include some amount of pruning of shrubs, general debris removal, and other services in order to keep your environment pristine.

Oftentimes your landscaping will need additional services, including fertilizer, weed control, sprinkler and irrigation repair, extra trash removal, tree removal, etc.


We are able to perform a variety of additional services either at an hourly rate or a fixed cost, depending on the service.


We always consult with our clients before doing extra work that is billable, if it's outside of the contract.

We can provide full-service property maintenance services for commercial and residential properties

Explore this video for a sample of the quality services we provide!