Landscape Construction Services

Here at Frederico Landscape Management we cater to your every need. With our vast experience in all facets of landscape construction, we are able to design and build great space. Creating your beautiful environment through custom landscape design and construction is our forte.

Our Process

Plants! Trees! Fire pit! Oh my!


Ideas go into the design!


The first step is to meet together and generate ideas for what your ideal outdoor environment would be. We discuss everything from how you want to use your space, entertaining versus tranquility, abundance of perennials and shrubs versus more open lawn, etc. During this phase of the process we will bring pictures to help you get inspired but it's  always helpful if you have sketched out what you like or can bring pictures and ideas to our first meeting. 

For most landscape construction projects, a professional drawn design will be needed to make sure that all hardscapes, lawn, and plant material is included and drawn to scale. We have a network of professional landscape architects that we recommend based on your style and budget. This process is always iterative as you have more ideas and needs that are developed during this phase. 

Time to build your dream yard!


During the construction phase of the project, we emphasize over communication and quality. We will always provide the information of the key members of the landscaping crew so you know who to go to for questions. All of our crew members are clean, respectful, and professional. At the end of each day of work we will clean up the job area as much as possible to make sure safety and quality standards are met.

Experienced in All Facets of Landscaping

Water Features 

Pond with annuals
Bubbly fountain
Simple water feature
Waterfall and stream
Beautiful pond
Paver patio
Paver pathway
Wood staircase
Flagstone path next to chips
Paver pathway and rocks


Fire pits

Paver fire pit
Fire pit

Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials

20190714-Gardner-16 (1)
Flowers in planter
Beautiful tulips
Trees and shrubs
Beautiful annuals
Roses on arbor
Large trees