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A Great Example of Yard Maintenance
In 2007, my landscaping company did a large landscaping job in Highland for Arthur and Jean Newell.  This complete overhaul of their half acre yard has been properly maintained by the owners ever since the job was finished!  I appreciate the Newell's for supplying these great pictures that I'm using for this blog post.



An elegant water feature sits as the focal point of this part of the yard.

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Update on the First Summer Planting Job
The picture to the left is a photo taken just one month after we planted dozens and dozens of summer annuals in a planter bed for a large commercial property we maintain in Utah.  The picture found below left is a photo of the day we planted the flowers.  

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First Summer Annuals Planting Job this Summer
Today we went down to one of our large commercial properties we maintain and planted summer annuals in a 10' x 16' x 18' triangle bed area near their guest entrance. 

Before planting, we added some planting soil and mixed it in with the existing soil.  After planting, we sprinkled around some fertilizer to give the plants a little boost. 

The picture to the left will serve as a "before" shot and in a few weeks we'll post the "after" shot to show you how it turns out!

My very favorite part of landscaping is adding color to a landscape by planting summer annuals.  In my 30 years of experience, I've learned a lot about flower planting, sun exposure, color arrangements, and how to make a flower bed look great.

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Let's Talk Summer Annuals!

The secret of great summer flowerbeds is exposure -- the right plants in the right locations.  For example, you don't want to put petunias on a north exposure because they'll never get enough sun to grow!  Different colors and different textures are the key to a beautiful flower garden!  The red plant is Coleus - there are many varieties that will take full sun.

Planting close together gives you a nice full look.  Mixing colors makes things look more natural than rows of the same color. These were probably planted 12" apart to give this nice full look.

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Potted Tulips

I placed some other pots right next to the rose garden to bring some color to that area of the yard since the roses won't bloom for a while.

I tried to cram as many bulbs in the pots as I could.  The standard is 3 - 4" apart. 

My wife's favorite color in landscaping is pink and they turned out really nice this year! The best tulips come from New York from a company called Van Bourgondien.   Don't buy from "big box" stores -- they're cheap and you'll be disappointed in the size of the tulips.  I use a good potting mix from a nursery or garden center. 

Because we had a very dry winter, I had to water the pots periodically (every two weeks).  Now I water them about twice a week, depending on the weather.

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